Testimonials For Chris Pruitt Auto Sales

Michael Lanigan - 2013 GMC Sierra

On Friday, June 1st, I drove to Tahlequah Oklahoma to Chris Pruitt Auto Sales. 
I was there to look at a truck. During the test drive Eric, one of the two sales reps there, and I were able to learn a little about each others history. 
Upon returning to the office I had to place a call to my lender to let them know I'd like to purchase the truck, however, there were problems on my end and Eric spoke with my lender and cleared things up by giving more for my trade and not increasing numbers to make up for the difference. Needless to say, I was surprised plus, it was the first time I was able to sit and listen to the whole process, start to finish, without someone running to and from the finance person and coming back to let you know what they can do for you. Nothing was hidden and they even gave more than what was initially agreed upon just to make this happen. 
If you think that is great, this morning I needed to send funds to my lender, due to complications, I was not able to do so. So I called Eric and told him what was going on and due to the situation I'd have to bring the truck back and he understood! It wasn't 15 minutes and Eric called saying that he had spoken with the GM, they again helped me and made sure that everything went through with my lender.
It's very rare today to walk away from an auto dealership feeling like you were able to get the best deal possible, however, I was able to drive away knowing I received a great deal due to Eric's help and Chris Pruitt Auto. I was much more than a customer, or a number, but more like a family member that needed help and they were willing to do just that. I can't thank them enough for their assistance, however, I can highly recommend that you experience it for yourself.
Chris Pruitt Auto Sales offers one of a kind customer treatment, better than any I've previously experienced. Drive away with a vehicle and a smile knowing you received the best care around.

Denise Rooster - 2013 Ford Explorer

Shout out to Chris Pruitt Auto Sales Tahlequah. They fixed the panel on my vehicle. Go see Eric and if you need a vehicle tell them I sent you! This was my first hassle free buying experience. They have a very friendly staff. 

Chris Pruitt Auto Sales Tahlequah, OK

Carter Dexter - 2013 Honda Accord

Got two vehicles from them. Eric was very helpful. Definitely will buy from them again.

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